Wings for Freedom

This is a concrete project that is based on a dream:

Helping the others to build a better world.

First of all the project will start 1, 01, 2020

The present, for us, is the resulting sum of the actions of yesterday and the previous days, as well as the future is the result of thoughts, feelings and above all words and actions of today, tomorrow and the following days.

We are so used to blame the politicians, the media, wars, the economic crisis, for a world that we do not like, we have lost hope for a real change…

We forgot one thing fundamental: that everything is the creation of human being!

Humans, who also were young students, behaved in the same way, upholstered of information and evaluated based on their ability to store robotics abstract concepts and not on the unique qualities of each

The “being a child” is probably the most important age for its own future, and since the world is full of children – from now or once – the child education is probably the most important thing for the future of our world!

For this, what we propose, is an economic and cultural self-finanziante project, aimed at supporting a pedagogical model that is based on the original meaning of the word EDUCATION educatio -onis, der. of educare: v. educare

Educare = to draw out, lead out, march out/bring up.


What else but the qualities in each other, that resides within each of us, as seeds ready to sprout? A new and old model that takes into account the best the evolution of Man has been able to produce and you want to address, as a start, to the unfortunate and needy.

The project wings for freedom is composed of many, many steps, and wants to act on the ‘here and now’ but also is designed to last and act over the years, creating a progressive and unstoppable movement, where every economic entrance, every goal achieved, will be used to increase the strength and the flow rate, creating a virtuous circle, in exponential growth.


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