“Kids for Kids” Campaign

Is the first phase of a series of social projects entitled:

Noipap Wings for Freedom.


  • At this stage we select drawings from schools around the world.

Children aware that they are drawing for other children thus becoming not only published authors but also the protagonists of what will ultimately be an impressive show with more than 1,500 drawings collected in the next three years.

  • For a period of three years, we will launch a book a week, creating a book series of 155 mini e-books.
  • The books will be accompanied with inspirational phrases for children and adults
  • The books will have a very accessible price of 0.77 cents, and all the drawings will have as its theme the butterflies or any symbol of evolution. Because the evolution is the key, that leads to freedom!

100% of the royalties from the books will be donated to the children in Quinhamel, Guinea Bissau.


The impact of this project:

  • Children draw for other children, becoming published artists knowing that will help other children again.
  • Children who leaf through books made by other children, knowing that they were created to help other less fortunate children.
  • Children from Africa receive material help knowing that they were helped by the good soul of other children their own age.
  • Near the end of the three years, we will organize a charity event and an exhibition with more than 1,500 drawings and 3000+ answers.

The goal of the project:

  • Breaking the limits of what is age, religion, geographic region or race. A communion that goes beyond any faith and education.
  • Teach the children that you can always find ways and methods to help others, and raise awareness about the needs of others, opposing the ego still in development.
  • Put in touch children from all over the world and all religions or no religions.
  • To teach the children in need that they are not so limited, and with the new era of information they also can create content or/and products and how to distribute them anywhere in the world.
  • To sensitize the entire community by creating a precedent.

About Us:

  • Management of the funds: In the Franciscan Mission Quinhamel, in Guinea Bissau, live the three Franciscan monks Rino Furlato, Piergianni and Michael André Daniels, three extraordinary men who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

The volunteers for production of the e-books series and.

  • I am the initiator of the project and co-creator of the mini-eBooks and I operate from Birmingham, U.K. but this project has become a reality and not remain a mere idea of mine only with the immeasurable help of these wonderful people:
  • Valentina Theodora Burgui from Bucharest, Romania.
  • Fabio Vitale from Sicily, Italy.
  • Madalina Stefania Tudorica from Bucharest, Romania.

To see the first eBook click the link below:


ByKidsForKids-eBook-001 free



To see the photos with the first artists click the link below:




If you want to get involved contact us.

More people we are, more good things can be done.

May all beings be free, educated and happy!

Quinhamel kids: