We know there is no substitute for Hard Work when it comes to Achieving Our Dreams but what is the “Ingredient” that allow us to Enjoy our Life and to Achieve our Goals?

This was my quest and during the interviews made for this documentary, we found the answer and something more.

In Verona, I found an outstanding Architecture, Wine, Good Food, Art, Opera, but also Great People who after they Achieved their Goals by Living With Passion had Given us The Answers.

Do it with passion or don’t do it all.

But is not only a documentary about goal achieving… we are in Italy and so is also about Hospitality, about Food Culture, Wine, Family, Friends, about Communication, and Sharing.

You’ll Be Surprise what the Italian and French people Love and Hate in a Restaurant is about Stories and Passions.

A Documentary That Can Free You From Self-Limiting Beliefs and Empower You to Start Working on What Passionate You, to Start Living With Passion.

Do it with passion or don’t do it at all.

After 3 years of research, we are almost complete our mission.

Proud to present you the first trailer for

Storie di Passione (Stories of Passion)

Choose the English Subtitles👇🏻


Fausto Arrighi –Former director of the Michelin Guide Italy

Rosy Puntigam- Chancellor of the Austrian Consulate in Verona, Italy

Andrea Andreoli–newscast director and the host of political debates Rosso&Nero and Prima Serata at Telenuovo, Italy

Florence Guyot– Marguerite Guyot Champagne Owner

Gianni (Giovanni) Dal Cortivo– Tailor’s & Ties Holder and three other stores: Tailor’s Details (shoes and accessories), Tailor’s & Cashmere (custom tailoring shop) and Ladies (women’s boutique).

Nadia Zenato– Zenato & Sansonina Wine Producer | Nadia Zenato Jewelry | Donne del Vino | YPO Italy Chapter Chair

Idalgo Carrara– Counselor with psychoanalytic orientation and scholar of the subject in the Institute of Italian Philology at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Verona.

Stefania Marchiotto & Davide Bonomo – A family of martial arts practitioners and entrepreneurs

Nicholas Frey with his wife Luana Ziosi – Soccer player at A.C. Chievo Verona

Antonio Cantarutti– Winemaker and wine sales manager of Borgo Conventi

Alina Klnonova- Researcher in methods and didactics of sports activities and sports dance teacher

Andrea Gatti- Owner of Coloniale Piccolo

Harriette Oduro Jackson- Model and Owner of the Happiness B & B

Stefano Vecchi- Study Skills Trainer

Alberto Domenico Oreste Niccolò De Massari- Chef and artist

This documentary was produced and directed by Traian M. Burgui, camera and sound engineering Tommaso Ferrari, video editing Emanuele Zantedeschi, drone operator Juris Klonovs.

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