The story of the book you’ll find at

Noipap from back to front is dedicated to those who want to read different and are more interested in the message that the book carries one than they are about the construction of the story.

The back to front is dedicated to the nonconformist reader and the goal achiever.

The Classic version instead is dedicated to those who love stories, happy ending stories, to the dreamers and to those who are searching for a deeper meaning, who are willing to grow with each book that they read.

This book is dedicated to the “romantic reader.”

The double version is for the couples  🙂 or for those who are intrigued to read the same story from different perspectives, for those who understand that is not a fable but a multitude of fable and for those who love to read a book without and end, because at the end of the book everything start all over in a different direction.

But most important is that these books are dedicated to the next one because they are alive with a Mission: To Be A Real Help For The Next One.


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