Why I Became a Writer

This is the result of a long journey that starts after I failed living a healthy life ending in a hospital bed, half dead, with an internal hemorrhage caused by a duodenal ulcer caused by my stressful lifestyle and bad habits.

Guided by money and not by my passions or dreams, six years ago I was working at a job I didn’t fully liked for 6 day a week, sometimes 14 days in a row for 10,12, 14 and even 16 hours a day.

I did it for a better life, I did it to help my family and to afford more material stuff. Between the age of 25 and the age of 27 I increased my salary with 400% but I wasn’t happier.

In the hospital I realized the mess I was in.

I had no time for my family, my passions; I had no idea what was my life purpose.

The first part of recovery from internal bleeding began in the hospital and in one of that days, taking a few steps in the hospital garden, I saw a flower and it seems to me that it was for the first time that I saw a flower in my life.

In that flower I have seen not only beauty but also a vibrant energy, the mystery of life, I saw myself connected as never before with that flower and with the whole world. In that flower for a few moments I saw everything and everything changed inside me.

I understood that the differences between us doesn’t separate us but we are all One because we are all different, we are all like little pieces of a puzzle, we are all part from a bigger image and we are all interconnected.

From that moment I start searching for a meaning, I start take philosophy classes, I went to workshops, seminars, I start doing volunteering, meditation and pushing my limits with sport and reading a lot of books.

In that time I understood that the most powerful experiences and the most fulfilling for me was when I helped others to fulfill their dreams or just make them a better day.

That was my “Aha” Moment.

I took everything that I learned and changed my life (from different cultures, books, extraordinary people and experience that opened my mind) and putted in the Noipap’s Story.

By learning I mean introduce an idea or concept in my day-to-day life and observe the big impact that had on my life.

Now I’m healthier and stronger than ever, I’m the master of my time; I’m guided by my passions and the inner need to help others and I’m happy to be alive.

I became a stories-maker using the simple words and metaphors and I’m devoted to the people with the inner need to evolve and to break their limits.

To read more about my books click the link below:


These books can improve your life and the life of your loved ones!

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