My brothers and sisters, please, never ever give up on your dreams!

As a first blog post I will share with you a dialogue from Noipap, A Soul Story and this is dedicated to all the people who have a big dream, for the dreamers who want to make the world a better place.

My brothers and sisters, please, never ever give up!

“I can give you advice only because I was wrong and I learned from my mistakes.

-You certainly didn’t do as much nonsense as I did! You know too many things to be as stupid as me!

-I know, thanks to my experience! And you know what? You’re right! I didn’t make as many mistakes. I made lots more! When you fall and get up, you learn something from the fall. If you keep falling and getting up, at some point you learn to stand on your own feet and become an example.

Anyone who is able to give good advice does so because they have learned from their mistakes. They don’t see them as failures but as experiences they needed in order to fulfill their dream.

-But how can I learn to fly if I don’t know and don’t understand what’s going on with me? Why can’t I fly?  That is my question; I’d like to understand it so much… Why am I not able to do something good from beginning to end? This is all I think about…

-If you only think about the reasons you can’t do something, your mind will show you all your weaknesses, and will show you why you can’t. That is one of the brain’s tasks, to find answers.

-I’ve heard that before, Noipap said.

-Then you should also learn from it!

If you think you can do something, even when everyone tells you you’re wrong, your brain will look for answers and solutions to succeed.

But you should really believe it! This is the secret.

Stop worrying about what you can’t understand. Behind each breath there should be a thought, and that is I can!!! And you need something else: Exercise. You must put it all into Practice or your thoughts will remain only dreams. Just think a little: If your dreams become real, your reality wouldn’t become a dream one?

If you believe and act on whatever you decide to do in order to succeed, nothing will stand in your way! Everything around you will fill in your deficiencies and help you fly. Life doesn’t help you accomplish what you want, but what you really believe you can do. What you privately think makes the difference between success and personal failure.

It’s not enough to want. You need to believe that you can and that you deserve what you want. As for mistakes, learn from the past and understand:

Today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s lessons.

Now, you know what? Both of us are talking a lot and you’re still not flying. There is a time for everything, and now is the time for you to do something more. Skip this last barrier. Don’t let the fear of failure flap your wings, and remember:

If you fall get up and keep trying until you succeed !”

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